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Law of Attraction & Help Save Widow's Home

HARRISON, ARKANSAS   May 09, 2007   Family News
(PRLEAP.COM) Harrison, AR - Rather than panic when she received notice of foreclosure Lynn Stivers decided to do the impossible - save her home by paying it off - and she has less than 6 weeks to do it. Inspired by the recent hit movie "The Secret" she created 4 new law-of-attraction screensavers to raise the money needed to save her home.

"This is the house my husband and I bought right after we were married, it has a lot of good memories for me and I don’t want to lose it" she said. Lynn lost her husband to cancer about two years ago and with the household income reduced by less than half, she turned to the Internet for additional income. The learning curve was larger than expected however so profits were not seen soon enough to keep her home out of foreclosure.

Lynn designs and creates screensavers with motivational quotes and sells them at The 4 Law-of-Attraction screensavers have 56 quotes from "The Science of Getting Rich" the book that inspired "The Secret." Three have animated flowing waterfalls and nature sounds and one has relaxing transition effects and backgrounds of rich colors and parchment.

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One customer said; "I love the motivational sayings. I am a College Counselor and this is perfect! I always look for positive ways to boost myself and those around me… today I have had so many people say I love your screen saver, where did you get it? Thanks for the great product!"

Another customer, a photographer in BC,Can. said, "These screensavers are amazing and the transitions are one of a kind. Each uplifting quote keeps me anticipating the next one. Beautiful pictures too, to say the least. I love them!"

A special webpage features the 4 Law-of-Attraction screensavers and 2 more of her most popular screensavers with 154 inspiring quotes. Also included are 7 prosperity ebooks that she says have been a big help to her lately. "I never would have tried anything like this before reading those books" she said. "Now I can see why I’m in the spot I’m in but they also helped me see how to get out of it instead of giving up."

Lynn says she is determined to raise the money needed rather than lose her home. After she has succeeded she plans to write an ebook about what she did from start to finish in hopes that it will help others. "Losing your home is a pretty scary thing to think about" she says, "it can help a lot if you know how someone else managed to get through a tough situation like that."

To see screenshots of the screensavers please visit:

About was created to provide beautiful high quality screensavers with positive motivational quotes that make people feel good. The site offers screensavers that are relaxing to watch, inspiring to read and are guaranteed to be free of adware or spyware.



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