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What is the number one way to increase your health and vitality?

When I spent some time pondering this question, I came to find the answer, and it's a relatively simple one. Eat your food the way nature offers it. A piece of fruit is full of enzymes and life force, just waiting to nourish your body. Do all you can to increase the amount of these "living foods" you take into your body.

A good friend of mine, Marie Greene, has created a wonderful booklet that talks about the amazing ways simply changing the way you eat can bring vibrant health to your body. She also shares some of her best recipes with us--and they are wonderful--Marie has fixed me many treats. Many of her recipes are now part of my daily life.


Download Marie's booklet by right-clicking on the image below, and save to your Desktop:

Why Go Raw Booklet

If you'd like to learn more about achieving optimum health, you may want to visit as well. There is excellent information on the path to wellness there.

And while you are sipping your new, yummy smoothies, take a look at the site below. There are MANY free videos and MP3's that are great to watch and listen to. I've been listening to one each day--they are so helpful for staying in the Creative Mindset. This guy knows what he's talking about--no pun intended. =)

Discover the Secrets of Being Unstoppable

What? You'd like another goodie? Oh, okay--since I appreciate you so much, here you go--yet another free recipe book is here.

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