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What does it mean to Remember?

I was thinking today about how we choose our thoughts. And then it hit me--how curious is the word "remember." Re-member. When you are a member of something, you are a part of it.

When we think thoughts, we are bringing them into our experience. When we RE-MEMBER something, we are bringing these thoughts back into our experience-- we make them a part of us.

So what do we want to include in our existence? I was listening to an MP3 recording I got from Guy Finley and he was talking about a similar subject (synchronicity is a big part of creating consciously--you'll love it!)

Guy spoke about our right to choose those things we want to keep traveling along with us in this journey of life. I don't know about you, but my mind isn't always chock full of pleasant memories. There are some--I'd rather forget about. Today I realized anew, we can chose whether to keep bringing unpleasant memories along for the ride, or we can leave them behind.

We can continue to RE-member---to make something a part of us over and over--or we can let go.

I'm going to pay even closer attention to what I allow to be a part of me. I can RE-member all the joy I have experienced, and continually bring joy into my life. I can let go of the memories that do not. I can choose to not make them a part of me or my experience.

It's amazing the things we learn from simply examining our language, isn't it?

You can find out more about Guy Finley and the secrets to being unstoppable here:

Be Unstoppable!

His material is AMAZING! Definitely something I want to RE-MEMBER into my life! Choose what you put into your mind. Choose how you create your life! Choose what you remember.



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