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Quantum Physics and You

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apryl jensenHi there. My name is Apryl Jensen and Creating Consciously is one of my little--well, creations. My intention is to offer this valuable resource to you and aid you along your journey toward experiencing more peace, joy, and enlightenment in your life.

There is a greal deal of information on this site, so take your time, and browse through the selections to the right, and most of all, enjoy your stay. Be sure to sign up for your free report, and join our close-knit community of conscious creators. Welcome! You've found this site for a reason, and we are here to help you along the way.

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It's been very helpful for me in my journey to come across the insights and experiences of others--sometimes just for reassurance. Living in a material world, and being used to only the physical--switching to an awareness of the spiritual ...can take some adjusting. Share Your Story is a collection a experiences with manifesting, meditation, insightful dreams, anything that helps us understand the quantum realities we are waking up towould be helpful for people to read through, and may even spark further insight and ideas.

Read about the wonderful experiences people are having...

"'Excuse me sir, I had a dream about you,'" I immediately thought "What is this?" and I gave her a look like in disbelief..." Read more...

"For the past few weeks it's as if my power is increasing.  My self confidence about being able to manifest grows with every manifestation!   And so I totally understand what you are saying about that wonderful feeling of knowing..." Read more...

About Creating Consciously

Creating Consciously...I love the name. Coming into the awareness that this is what we have been doing all along, creating the life we experience by what we chose to think, feel, and perceive. What a joyful moment it was for me when I realized I AM in control--life wasn't just happening to me. My life has literally turned around from that point. Rather than living with the fear and anxiety of a random world, I now consciously create the life I live, and I'm learning to live in joy. I'm so glad you stopped by, and I'm delighted to share with you the resources I have found

Centerpointe Synchronization

Centerpointe has some great cd's that help to calm your mind down and get it into the creation mode. They have a free sample CD that is excellent to listen to. Just follow the link below to have yours on it's way.


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