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Have you been looking for a chance to clear some stuck energy so you can
get on with your life?

Whatever stuck or limiting emotion is holding you back, EFT can help!  And
it is also effective with many physical pains as well.

This incredible healing aid can be done over the phone, or in person,
depending on your situation.

Randy Jensen, EFT-ADV, is offering his lowest prices EVER, for a limited
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Just listen to what people are saying:

If you have unresolved sadness, anger, love-pain, guilt, worry, grief, frustrations, fears, insecurities, hurts, phobias, anxiety, depression, health issues or traumas, I believe Randy can help you.  You can spend a lot of money talking about your issues, but this truly releases them from every part of your being, which will leave you feeling lighter, more peaceful and joyful at long last!  Randy has been given a gift, and he is worth every penny! 
-- AW

I have suffered depression my whole adult life along with other issues. After working with Randy for about six months, I rarely feel depressed. Also, I am resolving other emotional and physical problems.

Randy listens extremely well and understands where you, the client, are and what needs to be done.

I highly recommend Randy Jensen to anyone who desires to progress in life.

--Wayne Larsen, Provo

Besides the great program specials, scroll to the bottom of the page and
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